From La Siora

A tall and slim beauty with captivating power in her eyes.
She waited to be 20 years old to join us. We thought she is matured but with her school girl uniform on she looks very natural and so pretty like a pop idol! Yet she shows her different side in lingerie and PVC costume, and finally, a dignified domina's face came out. The trigger to enter this world is a show of rope bondage master Shinobu Fuwa. She said she was attracted by the serious look Ms. Shinobu does the bondage. We feel her passion that longs to devote herself to something, interest in BDSM, and something like her expectation to the world of BDSM. But, BDSM needs a partner. She needs to tune in to M gentlemen. Please look after domina Saki, a lady has eyes of Raptors.

(Joined La Siora Mar 2016)

  1. (Mar.2016)