From La Siora

20 years old domina, debut in February 2016. Domina Ruina looks so pretty just like a ordinary high school student when she wears a school girl uniform.
Since she was in high school she was interested in BDSM, and waited to be 20 years old to start it. The first thing interested her was rope bondage. She took lessons of rope bondage before she joined us. While a starting point was rope bondage, she is also interested in more Western style BDSM. Seems like her youth makes it possible to absorb everything she finds amusing.
She has the perfect personality to be a domina, as the experiences we mentioned above shows she can stably act on her own initiative. We see her goes to her sessions with a smile as if BDSM is the best thing she enjoys. So, dear experienced M gentlemen, you are the best teacher for a prospective young domina. Please look after her.

(Joined La Siora Jan 2016)

  1. (Mar.2016)