From La Siora

A pretty & skinny mistress with long limbs, but very powerful and active.¬

She has certain ability although she is very young student mistress.

Her deep view of BDSM are sometimes very sensational because what she express is based on real experience.

Hers is surely different from those superficial instant ones.

We can say she is very talented judging from her age and the speed of growth.

Everyone wants her to be freely as she is. She rapidly changes as she is still young.

These days she is becoming more feminine rather than cute.

We can see her growth from her facial expressiosn when she¬ is playing with M people. She is also good at playing with words.

Her full name is Wa Ruiko ("Bad Child" in Japanese).

She is like an little devil turned into a demon. Her favorite food is, of course, Masochists.¬

(Re-joined La Siora Nov 2011/Tiara Domina)

  1. (Dec.2012)