From La Siora

Big breasts and white skin are very striking.

She is absolutely epicurean sadist. Sometimes kindly embraces everything of Masochists, and sometimes is cruel and thrusts them.

That's what people call "the carrot and the stick" method.

She is not always intending to do that, but the balance of the carrot and the stick is naturally very superb therefore many men are being tossed around.

She sometimes makes a man who did not even notice he is actually a masochist to a serious masochist.

Why? Because she enjoys being a woman.

She naturally knows a slave and a mistress are also "man" and "woman". That is very simple idea, but many people can easily lose it. Nana is naturally able to accept that.

(Re-joined Dec 2008/English Speaker/Tiara Domina)

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