From La Siora

Mistress Akane belongs to La Siora and Bar AMARCORD. Currently she is having sessions only with members who had talked with her at AMARCORD and understood her session taste. She is into hard, painful sessions in which she can purely release her sadism. Many of our members have unique fetishism and love sensual sessions, but she says those are not for her at all. To avoid miscommunication beforehand, we consider it is better that both Akane and a guest know each others' taste and make sure that they can enjoy the session together. "Master-Slave relationship in the session might be imitation, but I love the world of BDSM and I know what I truly want exists in this world." Those who can resonate with her taste and love to be punished painfully would make precious relationship with her.

(Joined La Siora Jan 2016)

  1. (Aug.2016)